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My name is Matt, but most around Va Beach know me as Wally. I have a passion for woodworking that has grown over the years. I started this business because of the joy woodworking brings me, and I want to pass that joy along to you and your home.

I aim to create furniture and decor with character and a story to tell. To create products that are conversation starters. I want you to be proud of the piece you own and its story. I want you to have something in your home that will make you smile every time you look at it.

I also want to ensure that every piece of furniture and decor I make is affordable for everyone. That's why I'm a one-person shop. I design, build and finish all my products. I carefully select beautiful woods with unique grain patterns and apply a finish that highlights the character of the wood.

My goal is to make sure that your home has a piece of decor or furniture that is unique and beautiful—something that will stand out when you entertain guests and add character to your space.

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